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  • Wayne Millard - Friday 1 February 2019 17:10
    Great picture. My father, the late Clive Millard and his father, were the original owners of this craft during the Sixties. In 1969, my father and mother encountered a tropical cyclone on the way back from Bazaruto. He was forced to make an emergency landing on a road in Xai Xai where they were arrested suspected of being South African spies. They spent 4 extra nights at the Costa Dol Sol in then-Lorenzo Marques, where passports were verified. I was 1 years old at the time. Thanks for the memories. Wayne
  • lionel - Monday 9 July 2018 15:24
    Great photos Graham,thanks.
  • Simon - Tuesday 24 April 2018 03:41
    kisskadee bird
  • Eric - Friday 9 January 2015 11:43
    Holy Smokes !! What a cracker .
  • Graham C Evans - Thursday 20 March 2014 20:15
    Operated by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, identity not known but possible EP-AJE / 1001 (msn 21396) but not confirmed.